Clyde's Sadistic Tales is the third episode of season two in A Canadian Family. It is the 15th episode overall.

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Clyde tells the children his and Sally's versions of three classic stories, while Benton and Jonah are away.

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Benton is freaking out over packing for his and Jonahs wedding anniversary. This annoys Clyde, who manages to calm him down. Benton goes to drink in the car, and Jonah puts Clyde and Sally in charge of the kids before leaving. Sally walks in and suggests that Clyde tell the kids some story's, so Clyde calls the kids downstairs and does just that.

Cinderella Edit

One day in a mansion, A maid named Cinderella is working hard in the basement, cleaning the floors. One of her stepsisters falls down the stairs, due to Cinderella soaping it too much. She scolds Cinderella for making a mess, and judging by her dialogue, she is the only stepsister, as the other one died from being too stupid. The stepmother walks in and tells Cinderella and her stepsister that the prince is having a royal ball at his palace, and the stepmother and sister are invited, but not Cinderella. Then Clyde, Cinderella's cat, confronts her, saying these 'bitches' don't know how to be nice with a beautiful girl. When the stepmother and sister leave, Clyde decides to help Cinderella, with a magic wand he found at the pumpkin patch, which he initially mistook for a condom.

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Jack and the Beanstalk Edit

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Clyde and Sally finish telling their stories, and Jonah gets home without Benton. Jonah explains to Sally that Benton wouldn't stop asking her if they forgot anything, so she told him he forgot his ass, got out of the car, and walked home when Benton drove back to find his ass. She thinks the kids are sleeping, but Clyde says that they actually died from boredom. Benton gets home, having found his ass, which he really did leave, and also thinks that the kids are sleeping. The episode ends.

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