Summer Of 16-9 is the first episode of the first season of A Canadian Family. It is the pilot episode overall. It is going to air on May 8, 2041.

Synopsis Edit

Benton signs up to be a counselor at a summer camp, which turns out to be for dangerous kids with violent and destructive behaviours. Meanwhile, Clyde runs a " pest control " service to rid the town of hippies.

Plot Edit

The kids are on the couch, watching TV and talking about how glad they are that school is finally over. Benton staggers into the house and collapeses on the floor, with his suit off. The kids are grossed out by this, and all except Anderson leave, who doesn't think the smell is all that bad. Jonah walks into the room and tells Benton that he can't laze around all summer. Benton tells her that's exactly what he was planning on doing, but then a commercial comes on the TV announcing the opening of a summer camp that is looking for counselors. Jonah convinces Benton to sign up as a counselor.

After everyone leaves the room, Clyde walks in and sees a commercial for a new hippie band. He doesn't approve of re-creating something from the 1980s, so he makes it his mission to ban hippies from all of Craneville. Anderson, who is still in the room, warns Clyde that he could start a huge riot by ending a legendary fad, but Clyde doesn't listen.

A few days later, Benton arrives at the camp. He walks in and try's to look on the bright side of things, leading up to a telephone that he uses to try and get Jonah to pick him up. When this fails, much to Bentons disappointment, the telephone pole suddenly falls down, and it is shown that a child carrying an axe is responsible. As other weapon-wielding kids surround Benton, he finally realizes that this summer camp is for dangerous kids, and they want to kill anybody who try's to escape!

Meanwhile, " Clyde's Hippie Pest Control Service " is open for business. Anderson is Clyde's first customer, despite reminding him that he's not a hippie. Anderson immediately begins to harsh on the building, calling it a " dead zone " and pointing out that it doesn't even have a name on the outside, which is true, as it's just a hippies face with a negatory sign over it. Clyde shows Anderson how the service works: people step in front of a giant vacuum that sucks anything that has to do with hippies right out of them. Clyde asks Anderson to go around and spread the word about the service, but in a way that will make it seem fun and friendly to all, to which Anderson reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, back at the summer camp, Benton is hiding from the dangerous kids in a cabin. He calls up his friend, Cameron Holtz, to help him. Cameron " accidentally " runs over all the kids in the process, but more are on the way. Benton and Cameron run to the counsel cabin, which doesn't have any counselors in it. It is there that Benton sees Daniel and Jessie- his own kids- hiding behind a bench.

Back at the pest control service, Clyde is on his way to work, when he sees a bunch of people(including hippies) surrounding the building. Clyde pushes through them and sees Anderson fighting a hippie. After finishing him off, Anderson turns to Clyde and says that an angry mob was formed, just like he warned.

Trivia Edit

  • Clyde's subplot is inspired by the South Park episode " Die Hippie Die ".
  • This is the first episode of the series.
  • The title is a reference to the Bryan Adams song " Summer of '69 ".