The Legend Of Bentley James is the second episode of season one in A Canadian Family. It is the second episode overall.

Snyopsis Edit

Benton discovers that he is actually Korean-so he makes sure he acts like it. Meanwhile, Anderson attempts to take over the playground.

Plot Edit

The family is watching TV when a lawyer knocks on the door. Benton confuses him for a freak who wants to have sex with Jonah, but the lawyer assures him that he's the real deal. He explains to Benton that he found something in his dead mothers will, which states that Benton is actually Korean. Benton is shocked- not because he's Korean, but because he's had a mother who was dead this whole time. He manages to steer his attention over to the over thing, though. The lawyer tells Benton that he has to adjust to a new Korean lifestyle for that, and exits. Benton decides to start a new life, so he runs to Mr. Burger and orders a " Korean meat burger ".

Meanwhile, Anderson is playing at the playground, thinking that Clyde is watching him, though he soon realizes that Clyde is actually watching " Cooking Porn ", a sex-themed cooking show. A bully runs up and kicks over Anderson's sand castle( luckily, Anderson apparently has sand-resistant eyes). Anderson scolds the bully for destroying his sand castle, and he and the bully then engage in a mini-fight, until Clyde intervenes and knocks out the bully with his IPhone 6s. Clyde asks Anderson what happened, so Anderson tells him a very dramatic, adventurous tale of what happened, until Clyde says that he was sitting " right over there ".

Back at the Beaker house, Benton walks in, dressed as a Korean woman. Jonah asks him what the hell he's doing, to which Benton remarks that he's adjusting to a Korean lifestyle. Jonah tells him that he doesn't have to dress as a woman, so Benton leaves, and comes back dressed as a ninja. A Korean food delivery man shows up and replaces all the food in the house with Korean food. Benton tries to show Jonah that the new food isn't so bad, but when he tries some of it, it immediately gives him food poisoning.

Clyde walks into Anderson's room, where the latter is shown working away with all his toys. Clyde asks Anderson what he's doing, and Anderson states that he's going to take over the playground, since " the playground has gone too far" . Despite Clyde's objections, Anderson gets his " war toys " ready, and heads to the playground.

Back downstairs, Jonah is preparing a very big feast using the new Korean food. Benton, still dressed as a ninja, walks downstairs and asks Jonah how the feast is going, before eating a ton of it.

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed that Benton has had a dead mother this whole time.
  • It is also revealed that Anderson has sand-resistant eyes.
  • Clyde is shown to have an IPhone 6s, until he bangs it on the bully's head, destroying it.
  • Benton breaks the fourth wall when he states that Clyde taking Anderson to the park will start a subplot, which it does.

Cultural references Edit

  • Benton saying he wants to drink a juice box in a way that it looks like oral sex may be a reference to a scene from Sausage Party, where Douche sucks on a juice box, making it look like oral sex.

Transcript Edit

( The Beaker family, except for Clyde and Anderson, are watching TV. Benton is struggling with a juice box. )

Benton: " Damn it, this juice box won't open. I want to drink it and pretend I'm having oral sex, but it dosnt want to work with me here. "

Jonah: " I don't think that's how juice box's work. Unfortunately. By the way, where's Anderson?

Benton: " Oh, Clyde took him to the park. "

Jonah: " Aw, that's sweet. "

Benton: " And it'll start a subplot. "

( Someone knocks on the door. Benton answers it, and it is shown to be a lawyer. )

Lawyer: " Hi, are you Benton Beaker? "

Benton: " Yeah, are you an incredibly annoying pshyco who wants to fuck my wife? YES! ( Attempts to push the lawyer out the door. ) Get out! Just get out "!

Jonah: " Benton! "

Lawyer: (To Jonah) " No, no, its okay. ( Turns to Benton ) Benton, i'm a lawyer, I have some bad news for you. We did some poking around in your dead mothers will, and apparently- you're not Canadian"

( All gasp )

Benton: " Oh my God... I had a dead mother this whole time. I mean, what the hell do you mean ( In lawyers voice )  " you're not Canadian? "

Lawyer: " It happens that your father is of another nationality. "

Benton: " And now your telling me I have a father. This day just gets better and better. "

Lawyer: " I understand the pain that your going through right now. Unfortunately, I don't give two shits about it. By the way, your actually Korean. "

Benton: " WHAT?! "

Everyone else: " WHAT?! "

Lawyer: " I highly suggest you adapt to your new country. Have fun with the sex. "

( The lawyer leaves and closes the door. Benton turns to the family. )

Benton: " Dear god! Not only am I not Canadian, but I'm KOREAN?! That's the worst kind of not Canadian. Well, I guess I'll just have to let people know about this.

( Cuts to Benton at Mr. Burger. )

Benton: " I'll have a Korean meat burger. Because I'm a Korean slut. ( laughs. )

( Cuts to the playground, where Anderson is busy making a sand castle. )

Anderson: " Wow, this sand castle is coming along really great. Hey, Clyde! Check out this castle!

( Cuts to Clyde sitting on a bench, looking at his phone, and smiling. )

Cooker on phone: " Now I'll take off the cover, and all my clothes. "

Clyde: ( laughs )